The Kiosk is now CLOSED

Please call 613-764-5543 or send us a message on our facebook page if you would like to buy our products

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Maple and Apple products available - We accept cash, debit and credit cards

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Our kiosk

Welcome to our kiosk with its original old fashion decor. The ceilings are dressed with 120 year old tin, walls with wainscoting made from church benches, floors covered with 300 year old slate originally from a church roof, doors also from a church, staircase recycled from a presbytery, and the stained glass windows from different churches on display as art. In our kiosk, you will find all our maple and apple products along with other refreshments, for you to enjoy on picnic tables set up outside for your convenience.

For your convenience, you may place an order by telephone, by email or in person.

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